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My cousin K is here visiting. It’s fun to be around someone with so much enthusiasm. We saw the Pyramids from a distance yesterday, and she was thrilled, and it was a reminder to cynical ole me that, yes, things are pretty nifty here in Egypt.

K is visiting the Pyramids and the Citadel today, which will make for a long, hot day, but a great adventure. She’s with a guide, which makes me feel a lot better about her being out and about in Cairo. Yes, she’s my cousin and she’s an adult, but she’s in college, and I feel some responsibility to make sure she’s okay.

The boys love having K here. Giggle in particular adores visitors (and their digital cameras), and he’s always excited to meet family (he’s actually only met two members of his new extended family, my mom and now our cousin K). Plus K is great with kids. She brought the boys Thomas sticker/coloring books, which proves she is a genius since she found a perfect gift that would also fit into her tiny backpack. I am also amazed at how little she’s packed for her month-long overseas adventure (we’re only part of it).

Speaking of packing light… the boys and I leave for the States in nine days (Giggle asks me every day, “Are we leaving tomorrow, Mommy? In two days, Mommy?” That boy is ready to go!). I’d like to pack as little as possible in part because we’re going to have a lot of stuff to bring back as I’ll attempt to anticipate everything we might want from the US in the next year. This is mostly clothes for my rapidly growing children. Actually, shoes take up the most room. And some clothes for me too.

So, I’m going to try to pack light. We’ll also have access to a washing machine most of the summer, which makes packing light even easier.

But how light is light? How many t-shirts and shorts should I bring for the boys? Actually, it’s shorts for Bug and pants for Giggle as Giggle really doesn’t like shorts for reasons he can’t quite explain and we haven’t figured out. I suspect it might be because no one really wore shorts in Ethiopia. Also, he loves jeans. And sweat pants. During the summer.

It’s harder to pack for myself because, well, it’s myself. And I have to pack for that conference in Seattle in August (though I’m feeling much better about it all now).

Still, I am determined to get the three of us into two or three checked bags, so that we’ll have at least three empty bags to fill with stuff this summer (with an allowance of two bags each for international flights).

Of course all of this means I have to actually start putting clothes into luggage soon. And, I also have to start putting everything else into boxes for the big move! Wish us luck.


12 June 2008 - Posted by | bug, giggle, holidays, our life in egypt

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