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The new flat

Mr. Four, Bug, Giggle, my cousin K (visiting from Texas), and I went to visit our new apartment tonight. Actually, it’s still someone else’s old apartment. The woman living there was super friendly and accommodating and was quite happy to have us pop over on the spur of the moment so we could see the place. She’s moving out by the end of June, so the house was apparently a bit chaotic (to parents of two little boys, it looked rather orderly).

Anyway, enough rambling. I am delighted with the new space! The flat occupies the ground floor of a building, and it has two patios, one on each end. The front of the apartment is one large room, the dining area and living room. The wall to the patio is actually all windows, so it lets in a good amount of light considering the patio outside is walled.

The kitchen is a decent size, a separate room, but at least with a window over the sink and a good amount of counter space and cupboards.

The flat has three bedrooms, all pretty big. The best part is that two of the bedrooms, on the back of the flat, also have walls of windows overlooking the second patio. And there’s enough privacy from the wall around the patio that we probably won’t need to close the curtains except for darkness. One of the bedrooms is the master (with its own bathroom!) and the other will be for the boys, with more space than their current room, which means they’ll have storage for books and some toys in there.

Also, the third bedroom is big enough to hold a double bed, which means you people can actually come visit now. Outside this bedroom is a second full bath, which is a great improvement over our current 1.5 baths.

Each bedroom has a real closet. And, here’s the real shocker: there’s a linen closet! And, a separate room just for the washing machine and storage!

Right outside the apartment door is a nice yard perfect for the kids and for the pup. Neither patio opens onto the yard. The patios are pretty big, as far as patios go. They are paved with square stones but the outside of each patio has a narrow garden, and the family has some lovely flowering trees and bushes that give some nice color. Actually, the walls are so high around the patios that the place is really private, especially for the ground floor.

My employer usually keeps the furniture in the same apartments unless major repairs are needed. So we checked out the new pieces, and I actually kinda like it. Our current furniture is pretty functional but not especially attractive. The stuff in our new flat is old enough that it actually seems kinda cool. A bit funky almost.

Oh, and did I mention the marble fireplace? I’m not sure we’ll use it, but it’s pretty. And not nearly as fancy as that sounds.

Anyway, I realize the details aren’t essential and probably don’t make much sense. The whole place is probably somewhere around 1500 square feet or so. The big gains for us are the outside space plus more storage space. And the layout seems to work well. And the location really is fantastic.

In sum: hurray!


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  1. It sounds terrific. I’ll make our reservations soon. I’ve always wanted to see Egypt 😉

    Comment by Paige | 11 June 2008

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