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In which the tooth fairy comes to Egypt

First, some exciting news: Giggle just lost his first tooth! It’s been loose for weeks, which scared him at first, and then, when he remembered stories from his friend August, delighted him. Bug has even been saying he wants “broken” teeth.

This morning, he called me into the bathroom to see his bloody mouth. He lost his tooth while drinking some water through a straw. First he ran to his bedroom to put the tooth, still bloody, under his pillow, and then he went to the bathroom and freaked out over the bloody spot. We reassured him it was okay and tried to show him where the new tooth is breaking through. The obligatory salt water rinse, remembered from deep in the annals of my memory, made him feel better.

When Mr. Four suggested a nap, Giggle thought this was a grand idea. So he went to bed, but then tried to stay awake to see the tooth fairy. Mr. Four explained it wouldn’t work that way.

So now he’s asleep, and I believe I just saw the tooth fairy exchange the tooth for 5LE (less than $1 US, but it goes a long way here in Egypt). I just really hope Giggle doesn’t talk to August, whose teeth apparently garner a lot more cash.

30 May 2008 - Posted by | giggle


  1. There’s a darling book by Ann Cameron called, “The Stories Julian Tells.” One of the tales is about tooth loss. It’s super charming and it’s about an AA family. Giggle would love it.

    Congratulations to the big G!

    Comment by doris day | 31 May 2008

  2. Great suggestion, Doris – thanks!

    Comment by Ms. Four | 2 June 2008

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