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Moving and other news

We have a moving timeline! Our new apartment will be empty in late June, and so my employer, with help from our housekeeper/nanny, will move our stuff soon after that.

How fabulous is it to have a housekeeper? As fantastic as you might imagine. Even better when it turns out she can help facilitate moving our stuff while we’re in the States.

My employer owns the furniture, which will stay behind at our old apartment, and we’ll have a different set of stuff in the new place, so moving involves kitchen stuff, linens, books, and clothes, but not bookcases and beds.

And how fantastic is it that we’ll be out of town when it happens? We will have to pack our stuff. It’s not a total breeze. But pretty close to it.

The boys don’t know yet. We will miss some of the folks here in the neighborhood, especially some kids my kids have befriended, but this looks like a great opportunity for the Fours.


28 May 2008 - Posted by | our life in egypt

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