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Pupdate 3: Puppy pretends to nap

We had a busy weekend, and on Saturday, we told the boys they needed to nap. They found this an unreasonable request and insisted they’d nap only if they could do so on the living room floor. So they set themselves up with blankets and crashed out. Mr. Four worked on some sodoku and even Puppy Four joined in the naptime fun.


But Puppy Four wasn’t really asleep. He was chewing on the carpet! He’s too young to do much damage, but he seems also to enjoy yanking the arm covers off of the couch and chair, so upholstery repair may be in our future (and may I again say, thank you, employer, for providing us with furniture that you’ll also re-upholster eventually!).


The puppy’s legs grew approximately ten inches while we were in Dahab. He’s becoming more mischievous, but he’s still very cautious around people, even us. He scares easily, similar to our Old Hound.


Cairo is full of dogs that look just like Puppy Four.


And yes, his ears are like that pretty much all the time.


5 May 2008 - Posted by | pets


  1. Cute little guy, love the ears! Wonder how well he’ll adjust to upstate NY winters in a few years!

    Comment by mom | 6 May 2008

  2. Hi Joan. Puppy four is sooo cute! (At least I get to see pics of your dog, hmph!). We have a red coonhound, Clementine, and when she was a puppy she indeed ripped my (new!) couch to shreds. Imagine my horror as I came into the house and bits of foam were every-where! She also ripped up my front car seats. Now that old tan car has blue front seats (from a salvage yard). It’s a wonder we still have the old dear (dog and car, but not the couch!). 🙂

    Comment by Cinds | 14 May 2008

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