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I am loving all the comments about our possible move! I particularly enjoyed the suspicion that I was keeping back something good about Choice A.

Yesterday was Labor Day here in Egypt, but the boys still had school, and Mr. Four and I had the holiday (after a grueling two-day work week), so, we did some errands and stopped by Choice B. Turns out Mr. Four hadn’t realized just how close it was to Giggle’s fall school and the neighborhood market. And the yard, small though it is, was bigger than he had imagined (and bike-able, for the kids). We also found out that his new employer’s shuttle makes a stop about one door down from that building, so it’d be convenient for all of us, not just Giggle and me.

We’ve decided to request to move to Choice B. I know of a few families moving out, but I’m not sure which apartment we’ll move into… except that one place opening up is a ground floor flat, with a slightly smaller floor plan but a large, private, enclosed patio (well, large for a patio, that is, and much bigger than our current balcony). And, the boys could go out our front door into the yard. So we’ll request to move into that flat in particular, but if we end up on another floor, with more space, that’s fine too.

Thanks again for all the comments! I’ll let you know what we find out from the housing office.


2 May 2008 - Posted by | our life in egypt

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