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We’re in Dahab! As I write this, at 8:30pm, Mr. Four and the boys are konked out in our hotel room. During so-called naptime today, I was the only one who actually slept, so here I am, enjoying the the free internet while my family slumbers.

We arrived at 10am (after leaving our house at 5am… and eventually realizing that driving wouldn’t have taken much longer than flying). The hotel is perfect. Intended for divers, it also has a small pool (with water the children insist is near freezing), a kiddie wading pool with caves and waterfalls (!), and a playground. The hotel sports Nubian-inspired architecture: our two large beds are tucked under domed white ceilings. And, as Mr. Four observed, here we have the most bed space of any hotel we’ve patronized in Egypt; usually Giggle is on the spare cot and Bug is smushed in between Mr. Four and me.

Our room lacks a TV, which isn’t really a lack actually, and we’re enjoying ocean breezes as there’s no a/c. This place is way more than we expected, which was a compromise between backpacker’s rugged and resort $$. And did I mention we’re right on the sea, staring across the Gulf of Aqaba at Saudi Arabia?

So today we rested and swam and explored and decided that our first impression is that Dahab is the nicest tourist area we’ve visited in Egypt, since usually we’re stuck on some resort with one or two overpriced restaurants. Here we have an entire village of overpriced restaurants, along with stores overflowing with Bedouin crafts made in China. Actually, Dahab exudes charm. A pedestrian walkway (the corniche) lines the sea, and comfortable restaurants with over stuffed pillows and low tables evoke the Bedouin-meets-hippie atmosphere.

Dahab is certainly the most laid-back place we’ve been in Egypt. The dress code is European resort (well, except for the topless part), a refreshing change of pace from downtown Cairo, where exposed ankles can seem scandalous. Now I understand why some expats return here time and time again.

Tomorrow Mr. Four is diving, getting re-certified and then doing a check-out dive. The reefs here at the Sinai Peninsula were a major selling point for Mr. Four in the move-to-Egypt decision (before the job offer, I thought of Egypt as Pyramids and desert and other old stuff, but not a diver’s paradise), so it’s great he’s finally getting underwater.

And while I considered taking the boys on an adventure to the water parks of Sharm, which is a few hours south of us, instead tomorrow we’re going to stick around Dahab for a relaxed day of swimming and wading and reading and playing.


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  1. Can you actually see any reef from the hotel beach? What is the beach like? Rocky? Sand? How’s the water? Any animals? Enjoy your holiday! The four of you have certainly earned it 🙂 It’s going to be in the 100’s this week so you sure won’t be cold… Hugs!

    Comment by jenni | 20 April 2008

  2. We can see the reef from the corniche, in front of the hotel. There isn’t a sandy beach to speak of in our part of Dahab (which is actually Asilah). There’s a nice beach around a lagoon area south of here. The boys and I went over there today for the morning. It was lovely, but I’m still glad we’re here.

    Comment by Ms. Four | 20 April 2008

  3. I’m soooo jealous – that will be fantastic diving! See if Giggle can learn to snorkle, he’s such a natural in the water. Continue to have a wonderful time!

    Comment by mom | 21 April 2008

  4. Mom, you are right: we should get him snorkeling. He is really loving the water. His latest thing is diving down in the deep end to chase coins. He’s really great underwater.

    Comment by Ms. Four | 21 April 2008

  5. did you ever make it to sharm? b/c i want to go to the red sea when i am there, but don’t know wether to go to sharm el sheikh or dahab or one of the other little towns. and how did you get there? should i pay in money for the plane or in time for the bus? pass on to me all of your wisdom?!?!?! 🙂

    Comment by kristen | 12 May 2008

  6. […] yeah, that vacation. We’re going to Dahab again. I blogged quite a bit about our April trip there. We had an amazing time, enough fun to make us want to go back. Mr. Four will dive a couple […]

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