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The beach

We had a great weekend at the beach with our friends Cindy, Mike, and Maya. Courtesy of Mike, we also already have some great photos. He managed to download them and send them along while ours are still in the camera. And, he said I could blog with them. So, here you go.

It was hot in Cairo, but a bit cooler at the beach. The water in the pool, however, was really cold. So the kids spent as much time outside of the water as in it.

They had a great time with the cheapy plastic beach toys bought at the hotel gift shop.

The kids all really like each other, and, for the most part, get along really well, especially considering the age range of Maya (2 years old) to Giggle (5 years old).

Here are Maya and Bug with their buckets at the kiddie pool.

Giggle, as the oldest, was the trailblazer of cool. After he swam in the very cold water, he’d lay out in the sun on his blanket. Here’s Maya, chatting him up.

Giggle really got the hang of sun worshipping; note the lemon juice on his blanket.
sun worshipper

And of course Bug and Maya followed suit.
bathing beauties

In a few days, I’ll download our photos (which won’t be nearly as good) and share some more. I should clarify that, yes, indeed, I am showing Maya’s face in these photos when I don’t really share my kids’ own pretty faces. Mike and Cindy gave me explicit permission to do so. Which means you get to enjoy an actual human face. And a cute one at that.


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