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Thursday is a holiday called Mawled El Nabawi, the birthday of Mohamed (you know, the Prophet). And Sunday is the western Easter (can’t call it just “Easter” here because the Coptic and Ethiopian Orthodox Christians celebrate Easter next month).

This means we have a four-day weekend starting tomorrow, perfect for a trip to the Red Sea, just a couple of hours east of Cairo. We’re trying a new hotel that apparently has two pools and a lovely beach. That’s pretty much all we need.

The forecast this weekend is ridiculous: highs in the low to high 90s, peaking at 100 on Sunday (this after the past two weeks in the 60s and 70s). Yes, 100 degrees. I will hide in the shade and read while the boys frolic. I’ve been either sick with a cold or some nasty allergies (either no doubt exacerbated by the pollution), so I’m looking forward to a weekend where I can relax and the boys can play like mad. We’re also delighted that some friends are joining us there.

Our housekeeper/nanny is going to take care of the pup and our kitty (who wonders why we hate her so much that we brought a dog into the house; the dog, in the meantime, seems not to have noticed the cat despite her constant stalking of him).

Tonight I pack and take the pup back to the vet for another check-up. I also just realized that I should probably put together some semblance of an Easter basket for each of the boys. That’s the tough thing about adopting older kids: you don’t ease into these holidays slowly, but, bam, here’s a 5 year old wanting some candy. Maybe we’ll pack it and hide it at home for the boys to find when we get back.

So we’re off for a few days. In the meantime, let me know how you’re spending your weekend.


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  1. Can we have an update on the pup? 🙂

    Btw, Im egyptian/canadian..i miss egypt, was reading expat blogs ( cuz i wont understand a word of egyptian blogs, lol), and came across ures. Good stuff…

    didnt want to post this comment on ure latest post cuz it wasnt related at all. I’m sorry about the racial comments ure children get though. I’m not sure if ‘chocolata’ is actually meant in a bad way though. I did notice a while back that a lot of the prostitues in movies are dark ( for example, si’eedi fi gam3a amreekiya….sa’eedi in an american uni)…actually asked my mom about it and she said I was just making a false connection. Then again, my mother grew up in Sudan, and my uncle’s wife is of sudanese origin, so perhaps I just don’t ‘see’ the ‘normal’ egyptian outlook on things.

    I have to say though it happens all over the world unfortunately, for example in the middle east (where I grew up), philipinos and indians/pakis are seen as “lesser than” simply because they are the “maids”/ construction workers etc.

    I think am rambling, but…anyway, great blog 🙂

    Comment by Alia | 2 April 2008

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