We Four in Egypt

Now back in the US!


The pup is doing much better. Turns out he loves whole milk. It makes him run around and walk into walls. And he loves canned puppy food. It makes him chew the dish. And he’s drinking water on his own now, too. Water doesn’t make him do anything, though.

He can finally stand up again. He’s not regained all his coordination, so he wanders the house drunkenly, though with some purpose. He likes to be near people–he must miss his litter mates.

We had some concerns that he had vision problems, but the vet (“Dr. Seuss,” according to Bug) says the pup is not blind. He got two more shots tonight, one round of antibiotics and one round of vitamin cocktail. All this for 50 LE, mind you, less than $10 US. (Aren’t I such an expat, qualifying my dollars as US dollars.)

Speaking of Bug… Bug LOVES the puppy. Giggle wants to take care of him and do the adult things, like get his food ready. Bug wants to nuzzle and cuddle him, which is turning Mr. Four’s heart to pudding.


17 March 2008 - Posted by | our life in egypt

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