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The puppy, it’s alive.

The pup made it through the night, and, after a quick bath (which had him whimpering a little bit-a good sign), was all the more presentable. Turns out he’s not dust brown, but more golden, with a sweet white stripe running up his nose (like Ms. Muddy Paws).


He didn’t eat this morning and only drank with some effort.

I took him (yes, he’s a confirmed him now) to the vet this morning. The vet diagnosed major dehydration, probably a result of an inflammation on the roof of his mouth which has kept him from eating and drinking. It also explains why the poor thing couldn’t move very well. The vet treated the infection and swelling and injected 100 ml of rehydrant under his skin, and I’ll do the same later tonight. The vet told me to call him tonight during his evening office hours and bring the puppy by tomorrow as well.

Mr. Four, by the way, really does not want to adopt a puppy. Is anyone surprised by that? No, I didn’t think so.

Meanwhile, I’ve been calling him (in my head) Lazarus. And Lazlo for short. And Mr. Four wants to know when I’m calling the shelter.

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  1. Oh, I can see where this is going…you have my full support (and I suspect the boys’)–easier to give, of course, since I’ve not actually met Mr. Four and won’t have to deal with an unwilling pet owner. But he’s sooo cute!

    Comment by Libby | 15 March 2008

  2. I love those ears. 🙂

    Comment by Lenore | 15 March 2008

  3. He is a cute guy! My sister brought a balady puppy back from Cairo. They are loyal dogs…

    Comment by Cairogal | 15 March 2008

  4. Uh, oh.

    We’re fostering a dog these days. Lyra refers to him as “the dog we aren’t keeping”. But Russell keeps saying things like, “if we end up keeping him.” He’s a super sweetheart, but I think I’ve realized I prefer raising a dog from a pup. He has some habits that are really hard to break (like jumping up on people, barking when alone, and scratching on the doors). Much easier to traing these into a young puppy from the start than to try re-training an adult. But each week, we’re making progres.

    Comment by Julie | 16 March 2008

  5. Lenore, he’s even cuter when he’s dry and (a little bit) fluffy!

    Thanks for all the comments everyone. The pup is doing even better today. He is finally showing interest in food, though he still has a hard time eating. We’ve been giving him cat kibbles soaked in milk (to make them soft). I should probably find something fattier (maybe even whole milk).

    He’s still not standing, though he really wants to. I suspect he’ll start to get antsy soon. I’m at work today, so he’s home with Mr. Four.

    Comment by Ms. Four | 16 March 2008

  6. yay!!

    Comment by Jen | 16 March 2008

  7. I thought (read: hoped) pet adoption might be on hold for a couple of years. I’m sure you can find him a very nice home (in Cairo) once he’s healthy!

    Comment by mom | 16 March 2008

  8. So what are you going to do with him this weekend when you go to the beach???

    Comment by cindy | 17 March 2008

  9. Mom, we haven’t adopted anyone yet! So don’t worry too much.

    Cindy, great question… I hope to know the answer tonight or tomorrow. Unless we want to sneak him in?

    Comment by Ms. Four | 17 March 2008

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