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Crazy art at Fagnoon

Back in January, we spent a Friday morning at a place called Fagnoon. Fagnoon is a made-up word that, in Arabic, means something like “crazy art.” Fagnoon the place is an amazing art center, mostly for kids, but really for everyone. It’s colorful and inspiring, outside of the city, surrounded by fields, and staffed by some wonderful people.

First, we enjoyed a picnic in their backyard, with the company of some goats and puppies. And the boys played on their free-form, woven playground.


And so did the goat (who was trying to escape the very curious puppies).
goat at fagnoon

The boys were pretty much terrified of the goat.
goat at fagnoon

Eventually one of the goat tenders had to rescue the poor thing.

Fagnoon’s setting is lovely. It’s surrounded by agricultural fields. We don’t usually see all this green in Cairo.
view from fagnoon

In the distance stands Sakkara, the Bent Pyramid.
bent pyramid

Meanwhile, back at Fagnoon, the boys each worked on two projects. The first was sand art, except with colorful sawdust left over from their wood projects. They also did some free form painting. Here’s Giggle painting.
giggle at fagnoon

Fagnoon was fantastic. Really one of the best places I’ve ever been for kids. And the boys had a great time.


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  1. That picture of the Bent Pyramid is…wow. The boys will have some of the neatest childhood memories when they grow up. They’ll be asking Mom and Dad whether they really played in the shadow of the pyramids, or whether that was just a fantasy. 🙂

    Comment by Karen | 11 March 2008

  2. Fagnoon is such a fabulous place. We took students there on a field trip a few years back. Art is often undervalued in the curriculum of local schools, so it’s great to see them embrace it at a place like Fagnoon.

    Comment by Cairogal | 12 March 2008

  3. i went to fagnoon sinec i year .it was atrip with the school .it ws wonder full.

    Comment by hana | 5 April 2008

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