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The mall

So back in January, we spent a half day at the local mega mall, called City Star.
the mall

We had two primary destinations: the Mexican restaurant, rumored to be excellent, and Magic Planet, the indoor kiddie amusement park. The Mexican food was good. More importantly, it was Mexican, uncommon cuisine here in Cairo. And this was in January, when Mr. Four and I were both feeling a bit antsy for a break from Cairo, even if it came in the form of a lunch entree.

As you look at the photos, you may think, “It just looks like a big western mall.” And that is exactly the point: it looks just like a big western mall, and it’s in the middle of Cairo. Whoa.

This incongruity inspired me to take these very photos. Then, after I snapped a few shots, a security guard told me not to take the photos. So now they are contraband and far more interesting. Also interesting are the gigantic Christmas balls.

the mall

It takes about 45 minutes to an hour to drive to the mall, and the trip home is inevitably more expensive because taxi drivers leaving the mall assume you’re rich. We may be rich, relatively, but not enough to afford to buy anything at the mall, so we won’t be rushing back anytime soon. Not even for the Mexican food. The January malaise has passed.

By the way, there are photos to come of Magic Planet (astonishingly large for an indoor anything).


24 February 2008 - Posted by | food, tourism


  1. Wow, fantastic pictures! certainly worth breaking the rules for.

    Comment by ExpatKat | 26 February 2008

  2. hahaha,

    I’ve had those idiotic security guards at City Stars warn me off a lot of things that I can’t do too.

    But they refuse to say anything to the people who blatantly ignore the “No Smoking” rule and light up anywhere in the mall.

    btw, IMHO I fdon’t think there is any rule about taking pictures in the mall.

    Comment by Kim | 3 March 2008

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