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Over the holidays, Mr. Four and I decided to plan our travels as if we are leaving in summer 2009. Two places high on the list at the time: Sharm (for the diving for Mr. Four) and Ethiopia (for all of us).

Sharm has since been amended to Dahab. Sharm is apparently more of a big resort center, whereas Dahab, just up the coast, has a funkier vibe. I have a long break in April, so we’re tentatively planning an 8-9 day trip to the Sinai, based in Dahab, but with day trips to Sharm (for the waterparks for the kids) and St. Catherine’s Monastery at Mt. Sinai (think: Moses), and perhaps an overnight trip via ferry and taxi to Petra in Jordon. And of we’ll want to laze around on the beach, swim, and, in Mr. Four’s case, dive. It’s an ambitious plan, to be sure.

Ethiopia is our other top destination, and we’ll probably go there next winter, during the Christmas holidays. Unfortunately, it’s still going to cost a few thousand dollars for the four of us to fly there, but it should be fairly affordable once we’re in country. I’m quite eager to travel the northern historical route (rock hewn churches and ancient monasteries await) and visit the Semien Mountains. And eat real injera with real teff.

As an aside: I was chatting recently with a co-worker about our planned travels. He’s an avid traveler who has been, most recently, to Iran, and he said, “Ethiopia would be tough with kids.” I laughed and explained that it’s more like it’ll be tough for our kids with their parents. Or something like that.

So, Dahab and Ethiopia are tops on the quickly growing list. Within Egypt, we also want to go desert camping (a weekend trip) and south to Luxor and Aswan.

With an extra year or two, I’d love to get to Tanzania, to island of Zanzibar as well as the inland areas with all the animals. But then that’s really dreaming.

Where would you go if you were here?


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  1. Dahab is GORGEOUS. I’d upload photos to show you if I could find my scanner cords.

    Comment by Alicia | 16 February 2008

  2. Hi Mrs & Mr Four,

    With a lot of interest I read your blog. I stayed for 1 months in Sinaï but I discovered a small paradise near the harbor of Nuweiba and I recommended it to everybody because Ghannah Lodge is a marvellous place to chill or start deserttrips, trips to jordan or to go to undiscovered diving places in this area.

    I read you want to stay in Dahab for diving, I can tell you I stayed for 3 days in Dahab and I ran away because of the noise.

    One taxidriver named Ibrahim, brought me to Ghannah Lodge. I entered a real typical bedouin village (Mezzina), the goats and camels on the street, bedouin women hanging there laundry, children playing football with a flat football, … I thought I was an actor in an old movie and enjoyed it. Once in the lodge I met a belgian women(I’m from Holland) who was very friendly and warm. She told me Ghannah Lodge is a project for substainable development build by belgian children. Normally I would stay 4 or 5 days because I aslo wanted to go to Jordan, but after the trip to Jordan I went back to the Lodge.
    At that moment a belgian group came out of a 7day deserttrip with the founders of this project Ghannah Lodge: Greta & Georges.

    You feel at this place people feels home, also for the staff, travellers and the founders and there volunteers. I had an incredible month: marvellous food, bedouin parties likes in the books with a campfire and a lot of stars, beautifull snorkling, and so on.

    I was happy Ibrahim brought me to Ghannah Lodge, in my 10 year travel experience I never felt me somewhere home except on this place.

    If you want more info I would love to tell you more or you can surf to http://ghannahlodge.wordpress.com


    Comment by Liesje | 17 February 2008

  3. Yes, I just talked to an avid diver this weekend (a single, wealthy man in his late 40’s who drives out every other weekend), and he said Dahab is far superior to Sharm, so I think that’s where we’ll head for Spring break as well. -Jenni

    Comment by Jenni | 17 February 2008

  4. me & dh liked Dahab much more than Sharm. Its less Commercial & more fun.

    Also try and do a desert camping trip at one of the Oasis locations before you leave. Its a wonderful experience too.

    Comment by Kim | 3 March 2008

  5. We did Kenya when I was still living in Cairo. It was a camping safari for the most part. By far, the best trip I’ve taken in my life.

    I would try and experience as much of Egypt as you can. The Nile Cruise was wonderful, a day or two in Aswan, a desert safari…

    Comment by Cairogal | 12 March 2008

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