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Mr. Four was in an accident on Thursday. Specifically, a van backing up hit his bike.

He was wearing a helmet and the side of his body absorbed most of the impact. There was no blood, and mostly he’s fine, but he’s quite sore. He’s very tender on his hip and thigh, and he’s hurting around his ribs. He’s having a hard time standing up quickly, and it hurts him to pick up the boys.

To their credit, once the van did hit him, the driver and others nearby rushed over to make sure he was okay.

Cairo is flat, which makes it seem perfect for bicycling. And the distances in our neighborhood are such that a bike makes perfect since. A lot of places are too far to walk, but too close for a taxi.

But traffic patterns are chaotic, and first come, first in seems to be the rule of merging. And though there are a lot of Egyptians on bikes (like the guys I saw the other day delivering dry cleaning held with one held while he steered with the other), Egyptian drivers don’t really look out for bikes.

Mr. Four is such a trooper though. After the accident, he still bought me flowers for Valentine’s Day (roses from him and carnations from the boys), and then limped home with the flowers in his backpack.


16 February 2008 - Posted by | our life in egypt, transportation


  1. Mr Four is the most romantic of invalids! Sorry about his bike mishap. My own beloved used to ride from our place on the far northside of the city down to Chicago’s Loop in any kind of weather. I was sure I’d be a widow before I turned 35–traffic is very unforgiving to the lowly biker. I hope you kissed his boo-boos for him!

    Comment by doris day | 18 February 2008

  2. Doris, you crack me up. Thanks.

    Comment by Ms. Four | 18 February 2008

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