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We’ve decided

Mr. Four and I had a fun few days dreaming of life in a townhouse, with our own little yard, a roof top patio, and lots of privacy and space in an area with clean air.

Then I found out my employer won’t be renting any townhouses, but just apartments. The apartments are great, with lots of space (they’re larger than the townhouses): a large great room, a huge separate family room, three bedrooms including one master suite, two full baths and two half baths, a nanny/maid room (storage or office to those of us without “live-ins”), two balconies, and a large kitchen. Plus they’re nicely finished with marble tile, and the building was designed to let in a lot of light.

The problem? No yard. The ground floor flats do have a small area fenced for their use, but smaller and without the same privacy as the townhouses (they’re in front of the building, on a busy street). And unlike the townhouses, the apartment building is surrounded by on-going construction.

So we’ve decided to stay put.

If something in our own neighborhood opens up, we might move, especially if we could have a bigger balcony and be closer to Giggle’s school. But we’re content here for now, and it’s a relief not to have to pack all our stuff. And I realized that if we stay, next fall I can walk Giggle to his school and then get the shuttle to work, right around the corner from the school. I’ll still commute, but the boys won’t.

Mr. Four is disappointed to lose his dream of a rooftop patio, aka workshop, and I’m bummed that we won’t have the yard. This doesn’t mean we’ll necessarily leave at the end of my contract (in summer 2009), but it’s more likely now.

Edited to add this: I re-read this post and it sounds terribly pessimistic. We actually feel really good about our decision to stay in our neighborhood. We like the people we’ve met here, and we’re finally settling into some great routines. Plus, have I mentioned lately that moving overseas was probably the best decision this family has ever made? It continues to be a great experience.


7 February 2008 - Posted by | our life in egypt

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  1. I’m glad you’ve made a decision–I always feel better when something is decided. And maybe you’ll still want to stay on past 2009–that particular decision can be put off (I’m also a big fan of procrastination!)

    Comment by Libby | 8 February 2008

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