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Egypt internet problems

Apparently much of Egypt’s internet connections run through a cable under the Mediterranean to Italy. And somehow this cable was damaged. I’m amazed I’m even online right now… so here’s a quick update to say I don’t know when I’ll be back–maybe five minutes, maybe five days. This is a hassle for life, but even more so for actual work functions, if you can believe that.

I’ve heard much of the Middle East is offline now. Though of course websites from within the region are fine. I should check the news at Al Jazeera.

So that’s the latest from the land of the broken internets.

Here’s a question for you to mull while I’m gone (and please do comment with your answer):

Would you rather be without internet or without hot water for three days?


31 January 2008 - Posted by | our life in egypt, this blog


  1. I would DEFINITELY rather be without Internet. I love my shower too much, not to mention dirty dishes piling up bothers me more than work piling up (and I find it harder to ignore). Shouldn’t the library just declare a holiday if you can’t use the Internet? 🙂

    Comment by Libby | 31 January 2008

  2. Definitely rather be without internet. Always good to back away from the screen and look at the real world…

    Comment by Monica | 31 January 2008

  3. Ah, the internet would keep me entertained while I was waiting for the hot water to return!

    Comment by js | 31 January 2008

  4. I would definitely rather be without Internet too. I can’t even handle two days without a shower. I know that makes me a bit of a wimp. But seriously, being without internet is not too bad.

    Comment by cindy | 1 February 2008

  5. service was up and working again in after one day . ad it wasn’t totally cut OFF like in KSA it was some how slowing down to just 20 %
    yesterday it was working just as before that breakdown , but tonight the speed is way slow . really hope they fix it ASAP

    about your question..
    if we was in summer season , i’d really choose being with no hot water tape water works in summer pretty OK

    but as the freezing cold we have these days in Egypt .
    “i love my water heater 🙂 “

    Comment by i-martian | 2 February 2008

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