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Bug turns three

The big day isn’t until Tuesday (Super Tuesday in US election-speak), but tomorrow afternoon we’re having a birthday celebration for Bug. He is so excited. Last year I’m not sure he really appreciated what it meant to have a birthday but now, after celebrating for Giggle and other kids, he does. Most importantly, he knows there will be cake! And for weeks he’s been talking about his special guest list of two friends, B from school and our good friend Maya.

So tomorrow we’ll go to a local club we joined recently (more on that in another post). This place has a great playground, and they bake incredible cakes, so it has everything we need for a celebration. It’ll be pretty low-key, actually, just Bug, his two friend, Giggle, and parents. We’re all looking forward to it.

And it’s so hard to believe my little boy is growing so fast! The good news is that he’s still super cuddly and full of sweetness. I love him so much that even his naughtiness makes me laugh. He’s picked up some charming habits of late: sometimes he’ll walk right up to Mr. Four and me and say, “Do you want a kiss?” and kiss us right on the cheek or nose. Or he’ll declare, “Mommy, you are my friend.” And he likes to bring one of his trains over and say, “Say hello to Thomas!” and will wait patiently until we respond, “Hello, Thomas.”

Bug has thrived with a big brother, even though this summer he lost a lot of attention from me as I focused on Giggle. But he loves Giggle, and the two boys have so much fun together–I’m so glad they have each other. And so glad I have them.

So on Friday we start celebrating little Bug getting a bit bigger.


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  1. Yea for birthdays! And yea for sweet little boys! It makes me even more excited for May! 🙂

    Comment by Libby | 1 February 2008

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