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Rainy days

Back in the olden days, I worked for an outdoor recreation company and spend my free time whitewater kayaking on beautiful mountain rivers. To a paddler, rain is always welcome. Even years after I’ve last sat in a kayak, I still love rain, and I find any kind of river current fascinating.

As I’ve mentioned, earlier this week, it rained on and off for a few days here. The skies were cloudy, the streets damp.

But rain in Egypt is unlike rain I’ve experienced elsewhere. As an acquaintance said, “Even the rain here is dirty!” And it’s true: when the rain drips down off the dusty trees, it can be quite, well, dirty. And nothing is built for rain–not the buildings, not the streets, nothing. Even a light rain means puddles that last for days, as there are no slopes for them to rush down, or drains to empty them. The water gushes over steps like a Class IV river. Rain here doesn’t clean.

And yet… I love the rain. Perhaps because, like the wool sweaters I’ve been wearing, it’s quite unexpected.

23 January 2008 - Posted by | our life in egypt

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  1. You should move to Seattle, Washington.. We get plenty of rain here. They even call it liquid sunshine. I hate it, even after living in it for over 20 years. I miss my 13 months of sunshine.

    Comment by Addis | 25 January 2008

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