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The Roman Ampitheater

Weeks after our trip, here are the last photos of Alexandria.

The Roman Ampitheater was the highlight of our visit to Alex. The guide books didn’t do this place (called Kom Al Dikka, or Mound of Rubble, by the locals) justice.

So, especially since we were expecting something small, we were both in awe of the Roman Ampitheater in Alex, which is part of a huge complex some historians suspect was Alexander’s great university. Whoa. And the place was full of incredible carved marble and granite.

First, though, here are some old Roman statues pulled from the sea, where ruins still lie. Many of these pieces, when recovered from the sea, were moved to this site:
statues from sea

Now, the Ampitheater complex. I’ll start you off with what’s probably the least impressive picture, but at least you can see the whole place:
roman ampitheater

Next, some knocked over pillars:
roman ampitheater

roman ampitheater

Here’s a big bathtub found on the site:
bath at roman ampitheater

Here’s a carved piece of marble. Anyone know what this is called?
roman ampitheater

Now, the ampitheater itself, or to Bug and Giggle, a gigantic jungle gym. Here’s Bug, at the base (check out the granite on the lowest step, and then the marble above it), and then ascending, and then both boys at the top.
roman ampitheater

roman ampitheater

roman ampitheater

Here are the boys on the side of the ampitheater. I was going for the ancient meets modern contrast, but instead I think this looks like a really cool ampitheater with an ugly tower in the background. So much for artsy statements.
roman ampitheater

Looking at these photos, they seem not to capture the awe we felt. It was incredible to sit in a Roman ampitheater, knowing others had done the same a few thousand years ago. Whoa indeed.


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  1. What an awesome trip. I’m not sure I truly envied your new location until this post.

    Comment by Robert P. | 28 January 2008

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