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How to make friends with an Egyptian taxi driver

Taxi driver: “Where you from?”

You: “America.”

Taxi driver: “America? George Bush bad.”

You: “Yes, George Bush bad.”

Works every time.


17 January 2008 - Posted by | transportation


  1. That is hilarious.

    Comment by Robert P. | 18 January 2008

  2. hahaha Hi Robert
    Believe me It Works 😀

    Comment by Hamza | 18 January 2008

  3. Whenever I get that I say

    “Yes, Americans Good, George Bush Bad”

    I then say

    “Enta Min?” Which means “where are you from”
    They chuckle and say Egypt.

    I say
    “Egyptians good, Mubarek …..?”

    They have one of 2 reactions
    “Mubarek bad man”
    A sidelong look, followed by silence.

    I usually try to make the point that people everywhere are often not fond of their governments…

    Comment by jackt | 19 January 2008

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