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Bibliotecha Alexandrina

Mr. Four, Bug, and Giggle, and I loitered around the library’s plaza for a while when we were in Alex a few weeks ago. They don’t allow kids under six, even into the children’s science museum. Boo!

Mr. Four and I didn’t want to divide up, so here are some photos of the outside of the newly rebuilt great library.

bibliotecha alexandrina
Much of the library is underground. Here Giggle and Bug look out over the pool in front of the main part of the library, as some men clean the windows.

bibliotecha alexandrina
Standing in the same spot, but looking out to the Mediterranean.

bibliotecha alexandrina
A photo of the wall at the edge of the shallow pool. This wall apparently has writing from every language in the world.

sundial at bibliotecha alexandrina
Mr. Four and Giggle check out a sundial.


16 January 2008 - Posted by | holidays, tourism

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