We Four in Egypt

Now back in the US!

Now, about Alexandria

First, I need to explain why Alexandria was a bit of a disappointment. A few things conspired to create very high expectations: a colleague here in Cairo raved about it; the NY Times wrote an article on it; the guidebooks seemed to love it. Although another colleague warned me, “It’s still Egypt,” I had expectations that it would feel different from Cairo.

It was a break from Cairo in that we saw an awful lot of the Mediterranean, which is gorgeous. Here’s the view from our hotel room:
view from hotel

But it wasn’t a break in that the city feels very Cairene and very Egyptian. You might be thinking, “Duh, you were in Egypt.” But I thought Alex would have a different vibe. The same colleague who warned me weeks ago that it was “still Egypt,” told me today “It’s like Cairo on the Mediterranean.” Indeed.

We did see some cool stuff. For example, this mosque:

And this incredible tile mosaic:
mosaic at fort qaitbey

And lots of the sea:
corniche at fort qaitbey

bug on corniche

fort qaitbey



We also went to a very strange fish museum that charged a whopping 1LE entrance fee (about $.10):
fish museum

fish museum

So we have some nice photos. And the boys had fun, so all is well.

Coming up: photos from the outside of the Bibliotecha Alexandrina and the inside of a Roman Ampitheater.


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  1. Hi, Joan! I’m just now getting caught up a bit on your blog…which continues to be fabulous, by the way!

    I spent a summer in Albania, and by far the most disappointing time of the entire 8 weeks was when we went to a “resort town”. I think it’s that whole expectation thing. It was at the end of our time there, and I was just really looking forward to a “resort” experience. Um…let’s just say that it’s not what I was expecting. Like Alex for you, this town was on the water (a huge lake), and that was beautiful…so I spent a lot of time down at the lake. Anyway, I definitely can relate. Glad you made some nice memories, too, though, and of course, that the boys had a good time…that always helps.


    Comment by SarahH | 9 January 2008

  2. Sarah, thanks for stopping by and commenting! I think our disappointment was also due to our great experiences with other Egyptian travels. As I’ve mentioned here, we went to the Red Sea east of Cairo and to the Red Sea on the east coast of the Sinai Peninsula, and both places were amazing, and we had such great times.

    I can’t wait for it to warm up again so we can go back to the Red Sea. We all love it there.

    Comment by Ms. Four | 10 January 2008

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