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Two days ago Mr. Four and I were joking that even after months without TV, it still seemed like nothing was on.

That was ’til last night. I did backflips down the hall when I realized that my team had a game on, a re-broadcast of the previous night’s game. I’m a one-team, one-sport gal, and being able to watch my alma mater coast to victory was an absolute and unexpected delight.

(By the way, I didn’t really do backflips, but I did run down the hall, arms flailing, to tell Mr. Four the news of the game. It was quite undignified.)

Bug skipped his nap yesterday, so he went to bed right on time, but I let Giggle stay up late so I could indoctrinate him in the ways of our team. I think it worked, too. You gotta start kids young on sports fanaticism, you know. I still have warm fuzzies for the Boston Red Sox after my earliest childhood years in New England (I think of Roger Clemons as a Red Sox and have fond memories of Oil Can Boyd).

Of course, another reason to teach Giggle now is that even though I’ve watched this team and this sport for years, I don’t have a mind or eye for sports, so if I’m going to teach him anything, it’s now or never. In another year he’ll know more than I do. And he’ll have to explain it to me. I was bummed that he kept talking about the black men and white men playing, until I realized he was talking about their uniforms (the men in white, the men in dark). Heh.

Another huge treat was watching Barack Obama’s Iowa caucus victory speech with the boys this morning. The satellite news channel re-broadcast the speech, and I’ll confess I teared up with the hope that my boys might know a world where a black man is the American president. I’m not usually such a cheeseball about TV or politics, but his caucus win was momentous. I’m aglow.

So hurray yet again for TV! And let’s hope I’m done talking about it, eh?


4 January 2008 - Posted by | our life in egypt, race


  1. I need to watch that Obama speech!

    We’re way overdue for a president who is black and/or female.

    Glad you’re enjoying tv, sometimes, there’s just something about it.

    rebekah (from the forum)

    Comment by rebekah | 4 January 2008

  2. Hey, Rebekah, please remember when you watch the speech that I’m pretty much finding all TV inspiring right now! It was a good speech, but probably especially given that I haven’t seen ANY this whole campaign season til now.

    Comment by Ms. Four | 5 January 2008

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