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Well, we Americans certainly rally around TV, don’t we? I felt the waves of sympathy emanating from across the ocean after my last post. In addition to the comments, I also got an email from a friend. Perhaps it was because of the twinge of desperation you might have sensed in my tone. You see, I haven’t posted about Alexandria in part because it was a bit of a disappointment (I’ll elaborate when I get around the posting about it–and I do have some great photos to share), so I was really wanting some mindless TV watching.

So, then, a TV update. I called Orbit again, and the guy seemed to recognize my name (hmmm). Tech support called a few hours later, and a repair guy showed up in about an hour. And all this on New Year’s Day. Whoa.

The repair guy got to our house and was baffled that what we actually needed was installation (!). So, he finally called the right person: the guy who had sold me the system. A new set of installers showed up at 8:15pm. Hurray! They and the bowab spent a few hours on the roof–and they strung the cable down the side of our building–and seemed to finish the installation at 11pm. They made a set-up phone call with Mr. Four’s cell phone, and voila!

Except it’s still not working. The only channel we get is the one which tells us how to order Orbit. So I have another phone call to make today. But we’re closer! English-language TV sans subtitles in my own home may be within reach.

Still to come: the long-promised Alexandria post(s), some observations on Bug’s recent extra-cute phase, a rumination on Giggle’s smarts, and a discussion of my boys’ fashion sense (hint: Giggle’s got one, Bug, not so much).

Happy New Year!

2 January 2008 - Posted by | our life in egypt

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