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Christmas recap

It’s been a busy few days. First off, we closed on our (now former) house in the States, which has me leaping for joy and sobbing all at the same time. Actually, I’m neither sobbing nor leaping, but I am very sad that we aren’t fabulously wealthy enough to own multiple houses we don’t live in. Plus, I really liked that house. It was my very favorite place of all the places I’ve lived as an adult.

(People who know the place we lived before that house might think I’m nuts, but it’s true.)

Why did we leave it then? Well, we didn’t move to leave the house. We moved for the great opportunity. Leaving the house was a side effect.

It is a huge relief not to have the mortgage. And, it’s great that the house pretty much paid for both boys’ adoptions as well as furnishing our mountain house so we could rent it (we still do own one house, which Mr. Four built many years ago).

Okay, that’s enough of my house angst.

Before Christmas, while Bug was sick, Giggle and I made some Christmas cookies based on the recipe for Ice Box Cookies from the Joy of Cooking, mostly because this was the one Christmas cookie recipe that didn’t require cookie cutters.

The cookies were absolutely delicious and horribly crumbly. I found some food coloring, but nothing else decoration-wise. So I embraced the chaos of it all and Giggle and I made some really ugly cookies. Here’s Giggle decorating.


And here’s the cookie line-up. Please note the Ethiopia-inspired cookie:

The Joy of Cooking recipe for simple icing was sugar and water and the sweetest icing I’ve ever had. It was so sweet the cookies were actually too sweet for me. (Who knew such a thing was possible?) The boys, on the other hand, loved the iced cookies. We were going to share some cookies but Mr. Four and I decided they were too ugly and we didn’t want to shame all of America by distributing these cookies throughout Cairo. So we ate them all ourselves.

Next, Christmas.

Last year Bug was too little to understand Santa, and this was Giggle’s first American-style Christmas, so Mr. Four and I weren’t sure what to tell them about Santa. It turns out that if your kids are around enough other kids who know about Santa, you don’t have to tell them anything. Also, if your kids are around other kids who know about power rangers and super heroes, your kids will learn all about that stuff too.

So Giggle was thrilled when Santa brought him a big power ranger on a motorcycle and a little plain one too. Bug got a little power ranger, along with a Bat Man that broke in about ten minutes and has not been missed. The boys also got lots of trains, some from family, some from Santa, and Bug in particular has been thrilled about that. We also got some movies from family back home, and they have been a huge hit. They were even excited about the clothes from grandparents and Santa. Their aunt sent some nice craft supplies, and they immediately wanted to start on some “projects,” which apparently including dumping glitter on the rugs.

It was a great day, not too overwhelming, and we were in our jammies until about 4pm. Since we were leaving the next day for Alexandria, we had a simple Shepherd’s Pie for dinner after watching a movie. We talked to some family so didn’t feel too homesick. And it was great fun to have Christmas with two sons.

I’ll post about Alex in the next entry.

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  1. It sounds like you had a terrific Christmas!! This was the first time Maya understood Santa as well, which made this Christmas way different from last Christmas. I can’t wait to hear about your trip to Alex. I hope you enjoyed it!

    Comment by cindy | 30 December 2007

  2. Icing tip: next time add a couple of drops of lemon juice.

    Comment by Monica | 30 December 2007

  3. Monica, does that cut down on the sweetness, then? Thanks for the tip!

    Comment by Ms. Four | 31 December 2007

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