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Christmas, then Alexandria

It does feel Christmas-y in Cairo, to an extent. Santa is ubiquitous, at least in retail stores. We’ve been playing Christmas music. Giggle is particularly fond of Elvis’s “Blue Christmas.” And we’ve all been sick, which is certainly in keeping with tradition.

Mr. Four has gotten very crafty of late, and the house is now decorated with red and green paper chains. Plus the boys made a number of tree ornaments at school, so our artificial, Charlie Brown tree is quite lovely, actually.

But of course it’s a holiday only for a few folks here. The Feast of the Sacrifice, Eid el Adha, was last week, so Egyptians have been in the holiday spirit, but most are back to work this week. That makes is easier for us to travel, shop, etc., as we’re not competing with crowds. But it does mean it’s easy to forget that tomorrow actually is Christmas.

The day after Christmas, we leave for Alexandria. We’ll take the train there and stay for two nights. We were trying to decide between a desert camping trip and Alex when I saw an article about Alexandria in last Sunday’s New York Times. And then we decided on Alex, even though, unfortunately, the great Bibliotheca Alexandria doesn’t allow children under six years.

Egypt is busy with foreign travelers this time of year (I read somewhere that France’s Prime Minister Sarkozy will be vacationing here this holiday season), but Alex, because it can be cold and rainy, is not as busy as Upper (ie southern) Egypt. Plus the rates we pay as Egyptian residents means we’re getting a great deal on a room–only about $50 for a suite in a sea front hotel (all the regular rooms were booked).

The boys are so excited for Christmas that they’ve barely had time to be excited about the train trip and our mini-holiday, and I suspect it will be hard for them to leave their new stuff, but it should be a good trip.

And with that I’m taking a break til after our trip. Happy Holidays to you.


24 December 2007 - Posted by | holidays

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