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Christmas in Cairo

Giggle and I had a fun few days while Mr. Four stayed home with sick little Bug. Last week we went to the hypermarket Carrefour, where Santa decided Mr. Four needed a TV for Christmas. The installation guys have come twice to install the satellite dish, but they can’t get on the roof until the owner of the building meets them with the key (which she was supposed to do and didn’t). Very frustrating.

Anyway, after Carrefour, which is a very nice mall, Giggle and I ate lunch at Pizza Hut at the food court (our other choices were KFC, Hardees, Chinese food, and Lebanese food–it could have been anywhere in the US) and then played at the “Magic Planet,” an indoor mini-amusement park with a kiddie ferris wheel, carousel, and bumper cars. There was a long line for the bumper cars, and couple of moms almost came to blows as they jockeyed for their place in the cue.

Giggle loved the bumper cars, though it took him a while to figure out he had to push the accelerator, and mostly he drove in circles.

On Friday afternoon, he and I went to a party while Mr. Four, who by this point was sick himself, stayed home. The building we visited is owned by my employer, and they have a huge double lot with a large patio, play ground, and lawn out back. Plus some of Giggle’s friends were there, so we had a nice time.

By Friday night, I started to get sick. So I took over the sick bed patrol.

Some friends visited on Saturday morning, which was especially nice for Bug who doesn’t have a ton of energy but loves little Maya.

And now it’s Sunday. I’m in bed with a fever, pounding head, and wheezy cough. Giggle, who has the immune system of an ox (if, indeed, oxen have strong immune systems), just today woke up with sniffles but otherwise seems immune from all this garbage. Mr. Four seems mostly recovered and will probably take the kids to the playground this afternoon while I start wrapping some presents. It’ll be Bug’s first trip out of the house, except for a quick trip to the market, since last Tuesday.

On Wednesday, we leave for Alexandria for a couple of nights. And in between now and then, we have Giggle’s first western Christmas.

So that’s the latest update from the Four Family in Cairo.

(Please forgive any lack of creative output in this post. Blame it on the fever.)


23 December 2007 - Posted by | bug, giggle, our life in egypt


  1. Here’s hoping you feel better soon, and that all of you enjoy Christmas in Cairo. Wishing you strong immune systems in the New Year…

    P.S. I’m eager to hear more about Alexandria. Photos, please!

    Comment by Monica | 23 December 2007

  2. Hey, thanks for the wishes. And I’ll definitely share photos!

    Comment by Ms. Four | 24 December 2007

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