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On antibiotics and cough syrup

The CDC says:

Authors of a meta-analysis of six randomized trials (in adults) concluded that antibiotics were ineffective in treating cough illness/bronchitis.
Antibiotic treatment of upper respiratory infections do not prevent bacterial complications such as pneumonia.

So, even though I was wavering, I think we’ll skip the antibiotics, especially since Bug seems pretty perky today (though he insists he’s still sick, as he somersaults around the house).

Here was the most interesting part of the CDC’s advice on bronchitis:

When parents demand antibiotics…

  • Acknowledge the child’s symptoms and
  • Promote active management with
    non-pharmacologic treatments.
  • Give realistic time course for resolution.
  • Share the CDC/AAP principles and pamphlets with parents to help them understand when the risks of antibiotic treatment outweigh the benefits.

Now switch “parents demand” with “doctors prescribe.” I didn’t run all this by the doctor (I’m much more confident with Dr. Google than real doctors), but I’m frustrated that he doesn’t seem familiar with the latest research. Especially about the cough syrup, which was all over the news.

(I’m also thinking: Oh my. Has this become a mommy blog? Let’s hope not!)


18 December 2007 - Posted by | bug, sicknesses

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