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Today was my last day of work for a few weeks. Tomorrow begins the Muslim Feast of Abraham, which honors, well, Abraham. Specifically, his almost-sacrifice of his son until God/Allah intervened and said he could sacrifice a sheep instead. So naturally this holiday involves massive sheep killings. That happens on Wednesday. Tomorrow, Tuesday, is the first day, when folks who are on haj, or pilgrimage to Mecca, start their haj. Or something like that. I promise to do a bit more research and fill in some details while simultaneously blasting Christmas music through the house to drown out the sound of bleating sheep.

So, I have the rest of the week off for the Feast. Then, next week I have off for Christmas. Then I am also off for New Year’s Day, the Islamic New Year, and the eastern (Coptic) Christmas. Plus my employer is filling in the holidays with extra days off.

I highly recommend living someplace that celebrates multiple religious and national holidays. Works out beautifully.

All this time off has me wondering how to fill the days. I’ve been thinking about desert camping (a bit pricey for just the four of us) as well as a trip to Alexandria, which we’ll do next week.

And then today I had an amazing thought: Christmas cookies! I’ve never made them before, probably because I’ve never had so much time off around the holidays. So, here in Cairo, I have more time to celebrate Christmas traditions. You just wouldn’t expect that, would you? Nor would you expect to see Santa everywhere, but he’s here too, on stockings, on pictures, in displays, and, in person, at the boys’ school. Who knew Santa spent so much time in Muslim countries?

I filled in some of my time tonight with a visit to the pediatrician. Poor Bug has bronchitis, though of course I didn’t know that before El Doktor told me. He prescribed antibiotics, though I’m ambivalent about filling the prescription. He also prescribed cough medicine… which was in the news recently as being unsafe for kids under five. Right? Anyway, I’ll consult Dr. Google on this tomorrow and decide what to do.

Despite my dismissive attitude, the doctor was very nice and professional, US-trained, excellent English, and so on. Doctors here usually work late morning and then again in the evening, so Bug and I left home around 7:30 or so, waited about 15 minutes at the doctor’s office, and then were seen right away by the doctor. All this for LE 150, less than $30. Poor Bug has a fever, too, but it went down with some ibuprofen.

Now we’re all huddled into various beds in our room, and I’m going to turn off the computer so we can get some sleep.


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  1. Have you seen all those studies that honey is just as effective as cough syrup? (http://news.wired.com/dynamic/stories/H/HONEY_FOR_COUGH?SITE=WIRE&SECTION=HOME&TEMPLATE=DEFAULT&CTIME=2007-12-04-03-09-15) He’s old enough to eat honey, right? It probably tastes better than cough medicine too.

    Comment by Alicia | 17 December 2007

  2. OK, sorry, here is that link, maybe.

    Comment by Alicia | 17 December 2007

  3. I hope everyone is well soon!

    Comment by Libby | 17 December 2007

  4. Thanks, Libby, for the well wishes, and thanks especially, Alicia. That’s perfect! I had heard about that study but forgotten. We do indeed have some nice flavorful Egyptian honey.

    Comment by Ms. Four | 18 December 2007

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