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Egypt in the UK

Here in Egypt, I’ve heard a bit about the controversy of repatriating (wrong word, right idea) antiquities to their native countries, especially in regards to the Rosetta Stone (taken from Egypt) and the marbles from the Parthenon in Greece (formerly called the Elgin Marbles).

It wasn’t very nice of the Brits to pillage the world, but at least they don’t charge admission to the museum where they keep the spoils. Plus seeing a bunch of Egyptian stuff in one place is terribly efficient.

Without further ado, then, here are some Egyptian antiquities I saw at the British Museum last week.

The Rosetta Stone
rosetta stone

Sculpture of a pharoah
head again

Another pharoah, made from pink granite

A nice couple
a couple

Sort for the lack of descriptions. Please comment if you recognize this stuff, or else I’ll go back and add it eventually.

Coming up: Greece in the UK!


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