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I’m leaving early Sunday morning to go to London for the week. I haven’t been there in many years, not since I was a teenager wrapping up a summer abroad, and certainly not since I’ve learned to like beer. My official reason for going is to attend a conference, but I’ll have at least one day and quite a few evenings free. Plus, my mom found a cheapish ticket, so she’s flying over to meet me. Thus, she can stand in line for cheap theater (or should I say theatre) tickets while I’m conferencing.

In anticipation of seeing my mom and especially her luggage, I’ve been shopping like mad. Online, I mean. All this was before I found out I have a 20 kilo–about 44 pounds–limit for my luggage, so I might get socked with some overage charges on the flight back. But, the boys needed some winter stuff. Especially Giggle. I tried to buy ahead for both boys this summer while we were still in the US, but I found it particularly hard to buy winter clothes, in the summer, for my son who wasn’t even home yet.

But who cares about all that! I’m going to London!

The boys, however, are not so excited about my trip. Giggle in particular sometimes gets peeved if I’m home a bit late from work, or if I take too long on an errand. So he is really opposed to the idea of me leaving for a week. Understandably, too, given his past trauma. He might be mad at me when I get home.

Bug will be glad to see my when I return, but over the course of the week, he’ll have become super tight with Mr. Four.

However, I will have some ammunition. First off, I’ll be bringing Giggle his birthday presents from my mom and my sister and her family. He’s met my mom, but not my sister, but he talks about all of them all the time. He’s taken to calling his cousin F “my F.” He’ll talk about these fine folks even more when he gets stuff from them.

I also told the boys I was going to near where Thomas lives. (That’s Thomas the Tank Engine for you childless folk.) I have promised to look out for Henry, Percy, Gordon, and an engineer’s hat. So I have my charge.

What I won’t have is easy internet access. I’m leaving the laptop home with Mr. Four, who will need all the distractions he can get. So I may pop in for a quick comment or post, but if you don’t hear from me, fear not. Just imagine me eating fish and chips and a frothy pint in a (smoke-free) London pub.

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