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Giggle the Superhero

Here’s a photo of Fantastic Man before was he masked during a rousing game of Pin the Mask on the Superhero.

The boys all loved this game. And Giggle loves having his very own superhero, so we’ve kept him on the wall. Though, I did notice that Giggle moved the other boys’ masks so that Giggle’s is the only one properly placed. Such is the perogative of the birthday boy.


1 December 2007 - Posted by | fun, giggle


  1. Howdy to Parent Hacks visitors! To explain… though I’m artistically challenged, I hobbled this game together in just a few minutes on the back of a large piece of wrapping paper for my son’s fifth birthday party. The boys LOVED it. They drew and colored their own masks on small strips of white paper and then took turns being blindfolded and trying to place the mask on the eyes.

    My son loved this so much it’s still up on the wall, weeks after his birthday.

    My son’s guests also had a great time playing Musical Pillows. It’s how you play Musical Chairs when you don’t have enough little chairs.

    Comment by Ms. Four | 19 December 2007

  2. what a great idea!

    Comment by Julie | 20 December 2007

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