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Phew. We’ve been celebrating Giggle’s birthday for two days, and now we’re just about done.

Last night, on his actual birthday, we had over some friends for a delicious dinner and some playtime for the kids. These folks are also American expats with a child adopted from Ethiopia, and the boys love Maya. Dinner was a delicious Ethiopian feast of doro wat, doro alitcha, misr wat, kik alitcha, and potatoes (I don’t know the Ethiopian name), plus injera. Translated, this means, spicey chicken stew, buttery chicken stew, spicey lentils, split peas in butter, and potatoes, plus flat spongy bread. Sounds better in its original language, doesn’t it?

For dessert, we had brownies on a plate with candles. Another yum.

This afternoon, we had a party attended by five boys from school (quite the international crowd: at least five of the seven boys there, including Giggle and Bug, are citizens of at least two countries). We played Pin the Mask on the Superhero (photos to come), Musical Pillows, and Bowling. We also ate birthday cake, opened presents, and ran nutty around the apartment. And, the boys also sat down for a couple of books.

Bug and Giggle both had a lot of fun, and we had a lot of fun hanging out with their friends.

Now, at 5:30, Mr. Four is pretty much passed out on the bed, and I can barely keep my eyes open. I suspect we’ll all sleep well tonight.


30 November 2007 - Posted by | bug, giggle


  1. Congratulations on a party well done!

    Comment by Libby | 30 November 2007

  2. Happy Birthday, Giggle! BTW, what was Giggle’s favorite part of his birthday?

    Comment by jen | 30 November 2007

  3. I asked Giggle about his favorite part. His answers, in order:

    1. Chocolate
    2. Superhero game
    3. Presents

    This morning the boys are playing their own version of Musical Pillows that sometimes involves Giggle turning on and then off the music and then racing over to sit down on a pillow with Bug. Very cute.

    Comment by egypt4 | 1 December 2007

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