We Four in Egypt

Now back in the US!

Yikes, we’re busy.

We have a lot going on over the next few weeks, including some major family events.

This Thursday, you may know, is Thanksgiving. My employer gives us the holiday, and we’re going to an American friend’s house for dinner, and I’m excited because she’s a fabulous cook and her family is great too. Plus she’s lived overseas for so long that she knows exactly how to do an American holiday when you’re not in America. Mr. Four is contributing his famous apple pie.

Speaking of Mr. Four, this Friday he turns some old age that I no longer track. The boys and I have our presents ready, but not much else. If you have brilliant suggestions for Mr. Four’s birthday, please let me know.

Then next Thursday, November 29, is Giggle’s 5th birthday. He’s been to a couple of birthday parties, and he is so excited. I think the combination of his birthday and then Christmas next month might just push him over the edge. Anyway, we’ve invited some friends over for dinner on Thursday, and we’ll have Giggle’s favorite Ethiopian food (similar to what we have, oh, just about every night).

Then on Friday afternoon, we’re having a party! We’ve invited seven boys, ages 3-6, all friends from school. I read a great guideline once that said to invite as many kids as years the child is turning, so he’d get five friends. But we hit against the troubling decision of which big boy from school to eliminate, so we’ve invited them all, and I’m (secretly) hoping some can’t make it. Of course, Bug will be there as well. And likely some parents.

All these people will be coming to our apartment for two hours. I was worried that seemed lame (this after we went to a huge 5th birthday party at a fancy club where the parents had rented giant inflatable bouncy things) until a colleague said it could be so retro it’d be cool. So I need to come up with some fun games for inside that a bunch of 3-5 year old boys can play. Any suggestions? They all seem to be really into superheroes.

Then, we have a day of recovery on Saturday, and I leave the next Sunday (we’re in early December now) for London. I have a conference there and I am SO excited. Plus my mom found a cheap ticket from her home in the northeast, so she’s going to meet me. It’ll be a tough week for Mr. Four, and probably too for the boys and especially Giggle (who sometimes gets mad if I come home late from work), but I am going to enjoy every minute of it! Especially the parts that involve beer and being inconspicuous and walking in the rain.

I’m also attempting to write and address all my holidays cards before I leave, so my mom can take them back to mail from the US. Oh, and I’m still writing for NaNoWriMo.

Phew. I’m tired just thinking about it all.


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  1. The boys did a great Superhero camp this summer. They each got a special folder with a list of super hero ‘tests’ they had to complete. They came up with a super hero name and got a mask (cut out of cloth with eye holes and yarn) and made a simple cape. They also had ‘sidekicks’ which were just stuffed animals that they decorated with a mask and a cape. I don’t remember all the tests- and many were outdoors but you could come up with some indoor challenges. At this age you could do challenges with the five senses- taste- identify the “secret food” (salt, sugar, cinnamon), touch- identify the mysterious object in the paper bag (cotton balls, gravel, sandpaper), name that tune for hearing or identify the secret sound (zipper, watch), a treasure hunt for hidden small things for sight, smell could be similar to taste with toothpaste, soap etc.

    Whatever you choose it will be fun for Giggle to have friends over in his space sharing his special day!

    Comment by Friend in Carrboro | 19 November 2007

  2. You make me tired just reading about it!

    Hey, Giggle share’s Madeleine L’Engle’s birthday (not that that means anything to him, and, since he’s a boy, it may never!). Party ideas…can you get some sort of “pin the cape on the superhero” (or use Mr. Four’s amazing art skills to make one)? You could also do a version of hot potato–the excitement of musical chairs without the running. Another game, depending on how much space you have and how rowdy you’re willing to let it get: everyone gets a blown up balloon tied to their ankle (loosely!). Then, within a specified time limit, they have to try to pop other people’s balloons without getting theirs popped. I hope it’s fun!

    Have a wonderful time in London!

    Comment by Libby | 19 November 2007

  3. Oh, just a had a burst of inspiration–the hot potato is actually kryptonite!

    Comment by Libby | 19 November 2007

  4. These are great ideas! Thanks! Mr. Four and I have been thinking about some cool super hero games. I’m lucky too because we’re spending Thanksgiving with a woman who is fantastic at coming up with this kind of stuff, too.

    Comment by egypt4 | 21 November 2007

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