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How’d those jeans get so short?

Giggle loves to wear his jeans. He has two pairs, and they are on heavy rotation. This was true during the hottest months of summer in the US and Egypt, and he’s kept wearing them all fall.

I noticed the other day that they seemed shorter than usual. And we don’t have a clothes-shrinking dryer here, so I had him stand up against a wall and measured him.

He’s grown two inches since July. This is particularly surprising because he grew about two to three inches this past spring while in Addis. Doing some (not very) complicated calculations, I realized that this kid has grown about four to five inches in about eight or nine months.

(I could look up the precise measurements, but I’m not inclined to sort through the still-unpacked massive pile of my papers on my desk in our bedroom.)

Undoubtedly much of this growth spurt is because he’s eating more and better food. He didn’t have much when he was still in his village. I’ve heard of adopted kids having big growth spurts when they join their new family, but I hadn’t thought a boy as old as Giggle would grow so much so fast.

Tonight I dug out the 5T pants (bought in the US this past summer), which was quite the thrill for Giggle, who loves new clothes. They fit or are even a bit long. He’s very excited to be “getting tall like Daddy.”

But it’s heartbreaking to know how much potential he might have missed, and not just for height.


14 November 2007 - Posted by | food, giggle


  1. Last weekend I cleared out the summer clothes and got out the winter pants. Samuel had grown so much we had to make an immediate trip to Sears for jeans!

    When you check this please email me if you haven’t already.


    Comment by Friend in Carrboro | 17 November 2007

  2. Was Samuel excited about the new jeans? Giggle gets excited about anything new. Right now, though, he’s wearing 5T jeans that are the right length but too big in the waist. I wish for such problems myself. Anyway, I think what he is right now is a tall 4T in 5T clothing.

    Comment by egypt4 | 18 November 2007

  3. The boys love new clothes although Samuel finds it a chore to shop. We have the same problem with the disconnect between waist size and length. Just as women’s clothes are being vanity sized (my pant size keeps dropping but I am not getting any lighter!) I think kids clothes are being adjusted to reflect the growing obesity epidemic. Samuel can only wear slims and poor Alex still needs to get his pants in the toddler section- a true indignity for a ‘big’ 6 year old.
    A few shops here have slim sizes (Sears and Old Navy). A number also have adjustable tabs in the waist- but Samuel doesn’t like how those feel. I think Lands End and LL Bean have slim sizes online. For sure I never buy anything without having them try things on. We will save all our pants for when your boys are ready (if the knees last that long!).

    Comment by Friend in Carrboro | 18 November 2007

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