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Mr. Four sings

My singing is rarely on-key. The worst part is that I can hear when I’m off. I just can’t always fix it. But I still love to sing. Loudly and with emphasis.

Now, Mr. Four has a lovely singing voice. He sang in his church’s choir as a kid, and, in high school, he was in the barbershop quartet in The Music Man. (“Goodnight ladies, goodnight ladies, goodnight ladies…” and so on).

But, no matter how much I used to plead, he’d rarely sing around the house. Whistle, sure, but not sing. And he surely resisted my calls for a duet.

That is, until we got to Ethiopia in 2005. Within about a day or two of meeting Bug, Mr. Four, the reluctant singer, became Mr. Four, the crooner of lullabies, the melody maker, the serenader of songs. Bug has always loved it. He tends to sing to himself when he’s playing alone.

Giggle has joined in the fun. The boys sing together a lot.

I was thinking about this tonight as I watched Mr. Four tear down the hallway with the boys chasing after him. Mr. Four says he can’t run because of an old knee injury. But apparently when you’re in the dark bedroom and yelling “Boo!” with the kids, running down the hallway is all part of the fun. Just like singing to your kids.


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  1. Awwww, love hearing my Jerry singing to the boys (a song he made up–something about “Tsega (or fill in blank with child’s name) of the wild frontier”) in his deep, raspy, out-of-tuned voice. I sing loads better, yet the boys prefer my husband’s song. Now little Sira is starting to sing himself and I’m imagining our own little glee club at home :).

    Comment by Cinds | 7 November 2007

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