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Happy Halloween!

We celebrated Halloween last Friday evening. The local American school had a fabulous Halloween Carnival, which had echoes of our small town’s celebration last year.

And Mr. Four went all out with the costumes. I can claim credit only for the kernel of an idea (“Hey, maybe the boys can be trains”). Mr. Four found great inspiration in some cardboard and paint.


The costumes were magnificient.


And the boys were adorable.

giggle in his costume

We went trick-or-treating from classroom to classroom at the school, and then we enjoyed activities like the Potty Panic (toss the toilet paper roll into the toilet bowl), the Fun House (which had face painting and gooey yucky slimey food stuff to play with), and the Rat Race (roll a large foam die ad move a toy rat across the giant game board). Every activity led to a (non-candy) prize. Good fun all around. Plus we saw lots of kids who attend Bug and Giggle’s school, and it was nice to see the boys having fun with their friends.

And tomorrow, November 1, the boys have Halloween at school. Why not today? Apparently they give out enough candy that the teachers don’t want to deal with kids after that. Nice.

It bears noting that Mr. Four prepared veggie sticks for the class party.

What hadn’t even occured to us is that we might have trick-or-treaters. Yet just moments ago, the doorbell rang, and there were three costumed American kids looking for candy. We had none to give them. How pitiful. Poor Mr. Four, who answered the door, felt really bad.


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  1. Wow! Great costumes! Little Miss Sunny will be a pumpkin tonight. We remembered candy for this evening…why do I always buy my favorites? Hopefully, we’ll have some left for the trick or treaters…

    Comment by Jen | 31 October 2007

  2. Oh, I’d love to see a photo of Sunny the Pumpkin!

    Comment by egypt4 | 1 November 2007

  3. Wow! Very impressive costumes – congratulations to Mr. Four for his artistic talents! I cannot see “Thomas” without thinking of the boys with their beloved trains.

    Comment by Mom | 1 November 2007

  4. Sam is so jealous of these costumes and he doesn’t even like costumes!

    Comment by Cynthia | 1 November 2007

  5. Mr. Four is considering going into business. The only problem is that he probably spent about 15+ hours on each costume.

    Comment by egypt4 | 4 November 2007

  6. […] Halloween they had fantastic train costumes made by the then-unemployed Mr. Four. This year the adults have less time and the kids have more […]

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