We Four in Egypt

Now back in the US!

Is that rain? No, it’s just the fan.

I woke up a wee bit homesick today. First, there was the not-rain. Then, I remembered a dream I had where I hiked with my two girls, Ms. Muddy Paws (now with my mom) and Ms. Underfoot (now with a lovely new family who adores her).

Here’s a happy Ms. Muddy Paws in Mr. Four’s old truck, photo courtesy of my mom.
ms. muddy paws

I miss my girls. And I miss rain.

On the up side, tonight we’re going to a Halloween carnival, and the boys’ costumes look fantastic. It’s 2pm here, and they are napping, hopefully for a while. The party starts at 5:30.

Last night Giggle freaked because Mr. Four cut a big hole in Giggle’s costume, to make it wearable. So I went online to show Giggle Halloween costumes, and we even found some YouTube videos of kids trick-or-treating. I’m not sure he gets it, but he knows he’ll wear his costume and somehow this all relates to candy.

Bug is very excited.

Now I’m off to glue and paint a cardboard top hat. Think it’ll dry in a few hours?


26 October 2007 - Posted by | bug, giggle, holidays, home

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