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Double tagged: my meme

Whoa, I’ve been double-tagged for a meme, first by Sarah and then by Cindy.

But first, at least one person asked me, so here’s the Wikipedia definition of an internet meme. In blog speak, I’ve seen it used to refer to a list of questions that a blogger answers and then tags another blogger to answer as well.

So here goes:

Job’s I’ve held:
1) Hallmark retail clerk
2) Elementary after school teacher
3) Raft guide
4) College writing instructor

Places I’ve lived:
This one is tough since I’m trying to be vaguely anonymous, and really I’ve only lived in four areas other than Cairo, but here are some generalities in chronological order:
1) New England
2) Upstate New York
3) A College Town in the South
4) The Southern Appalachians

Food I love:
1) Hot fudge sundaes
2) Dark chocolate
3) Guacamole
4) Tea

Places I would rather be:
1) Someplace rainy
2) Someplace green
3) Ethiopia
4) Pretty much I’m happy just where I am, so I don’t have a #4.

Movies I love:
1) Shakespeare in Love
2) Ten Things I Hate About You
3) Like Water for Chocolate
4) Chocolat

TV shows I watch (edited to say: have watched in the past or would watch if I could!):
1) Project Runway
2) Lost (this reveals I am an optimist because it always disappoints me)
3) The Sopranos (we still have to watch the last season, no spoilers please!)
4) Six Feet Under (best show ever)

Friends I am tagging:
1) Marc at the Ferenge Addis Blog
2) Supermom Erin
3) Superduper Ma
4) Dear old friend Robyn

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