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A lullaby of Skittles

What’s it take to get my kids to go to sleep on their own at night, without mommy and daddy right there with them?

The promise of pancakes and two skittles for breakfast.

We’re on our second night of candy-inducing sleep, and it’s not perfect. Lights out leads to lots of chattering and giggling and, so far, a late night round of bathroom visits before actual sleep commences. And Mr. Four had to go in a few times with stern no-candy warnings.

But, a couple of skittles for breakfast is a small trade-off for more evening time for Mr. Four and me, and, I hope, some bonding time for the boys.

Honestly, why didn’t we think of this sooner?


24 October 2007 - Posted by | bug, giggle, parenting


  1. mine gets two gummy bears for falling asleep in her own bed (with out momma right there) and for waking up in her own bed (in the morning). Candy is magic.

    Comment by Stacy | 24 October 2007

  2. Stacy, after last night, we might also have to provide incentive for waking up in your own bed!

    I woke up first last night to Bug telling me to move over and give him space. And then this morning Giggle had somehow snuck into bed with us as well. So much for sleeping independently!

    Comment by egypt4 | 25 October 2007

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