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The good news and the embarrassing news.

The good news is that the power cord isn’t broken! And the embarrassing news is that the power cord isn’t broken!

(This reflects, in my opinion, far worse on Mr. Four than on me, but perhaps I am being sexist. Or perhaps I have grown too accustomed to his usual ability to fix just about anything.)

We have a massive transformer/surge protector that we also use as a plug adaptor. Apparently it blew a fuse. Actually, we know it blew a fuse because we replaced the obviously burnt out fuse and the transformer again works. As Mr. Four noted, it did what it was supposed to do: it blew a fuse and protected the computer. Hurray!

We figured all this out because I gave the “broken” adaptor to an Apple technician guy here in Cairo. He called us with the good news. And that’s when we actually looked at the transformer.

I know this probably doesn’t make for very exciting blog reading. So now I’ll take a moment to tell you about the lessons I learned this weekend:

  1. I get antsy when I can’t check email, facebook, this blog, etc. And then I feel really lame.
  2. My poor kids are better off with a broken computer.

Now we just have to get the actual power cord back from the technician guy, and then this blog should resume its normal programming.


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