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The power cord adaptor on our MacBook blew up yesterday (there were actual sparks!), even though it was safely behind a surge protector and power convertor. I’m writing this from work (shhh!) to say we’ll be out of touch for a few days. We are without any home computer access until we can manage to get a new power cord, which involves having it sent to my mom’s house, and then her sending it to us here.

Darn that Apple for not having a store in Egypt!


17 October 2007 - Posted by | this blog


  1. Hi. I think there is an apple store in egypt in dokki/mohandessin at amman square (my colleagues tell me). I don’t know the exact address, but you can get parts here. Maybe it would be faster.

    Comment by cindy | 17 October 2007

  2. OK actually I have their phone number. It is 02 2795 1200 or 02 2796 1241 or 02 2795 7664. I don’t know if it works though. They might deliver to your house…

    Comment by cindy | 17 October 2007

  3. […] so I’ll get to it when we get a new power cord. Which I hope is very soon, thanks to Cindy and some nice folks at work who are trying to help […]

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