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Now back in the US!


Whoa. It rained here today. Not so much that you had to dash inside to stay dry but enough to do more than make speckles on the pavement.

It was a wonderful surprise and made us all smile like the first snow in winter.


16 October 2007 - Posted by | our life in egypt


  1. We moved to California last spring. As we moved in, our landlord told us that although it was raining in March, the rain would end in April and it wouldn’t rain again until fall. I had no idea how much I’d miss a rainy day. When the first big rain came at the beginning of the month, all of us (well, the baby excluded) stood on doorsteps around the house and just watched the beautiful, beautiful rain. Fall certainly feels a little more like the fall I know now that the cloudy days are here.

    Comment by Paige | 16 October 2007

  2. Paige, I would love a downpour. Or even Pacific Northwest all day drizzle.

    Comment by egypt4 | 16 October 2007

  3. I’m sure you know about the drought we’re in here in NC. “Exceptional” is how it’s described. I think we have like 100 days of water left or something scary like that. I, too, would love an all-day drizzle…

    Comment by Jen | 18 October 2007

  4. Just got back from vacation – our first two days were rainy, cold, drizzle. Loved it!! We were smiling while we leaped across rivulets in the street. Nothing like a cold damp morning and a warm cup of coffee to brighten the spirits.

    Comment by Julie R | 21 October 2007

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