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Foiled again

I’ve been craving some sort of escapist fantasy, and, given that Cairo’s theaters are teeming with “foreign films” in the form of American blockbusters, Mr. Four and I planned to spend the kids’ naptime today watching Matt Damon run and shoot his way across the movie screen. Given our Friday debacle, I even called ahead to confirm the movie times.

Alas. We arrived at the movie theater only to discover the place was closed, with the next showing at 7:30pm tonight. Who did I call and why did they give me the wrong information? I have no idea but was very disappointed.

The same mall had a Chili’s Restaurant. Yup, the American chain. It even had the same blue and brown tiles on the tables. So Mr. Four and I shared some nachos (and they did taste good) and chatted because I didn’t want to flag a taxi and head back to the apartment right away. It was a nice afternoon, actually. But what’s it gonna take for me to figure this place out?

The lesson from today is that Egyptians don’t go to the movies on national holidays. Ah well.

We have a short week ahead: just four days of work (since today is a holiday), and then on Friday we leave for a long weekend at the Sinai Peninsula. We’ll be within a few kilometers of Israel, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia (though I suspect we won’t be leaving Egypt). Mr. Four is planning to scuba dive a day or two, and we’re all going to relax and play. Maybe we’ll even catch an old Matt Damon movie on the TV.


7 October 2007 - Posted by | food, oops!, tourism

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