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We are enjoying a long weekend because of the Armed Forces Holiday on Saturday. The Egyptian government officially declared the holiday only a few days ago, so it was an unexpected treat (except apparently it happens this way every year) to learn we have Sunday off.

Plus today Mr. Four and I celebrate five years of wedded bliss. We only remembered our anniversary a few days ago and today we forgot til the afternoon.

For our first anniversary, we took a long drive through our local mountains to the nearby national park and promptly got stuck in traffic for about two hours on the way home. And then we went to the local pizza joint for dinner.

One year (I think it was anniversary number two), we forgot it completely.

Mr. Four says we had a nice dinner out two years ago.

Last year, we went out to dinner with Bug to a nicer place than we’d been going with him. We ordered his food right away so he wouldn’t fuss, and he finished his food before ours arrived. Also the restaurant had NO baby changing table in the men’s or women’s bathrooms; they referred us to the market across the street. So we didn’t really mind leaving and taking our food to go.

This year’s debacle involved an outing to a big local mall with a fancy food court, movie theater, and kids’ indoor playground… and it all closed for iftar about two seconds before we arrived. I should have guessed this would happen, but a local woman had told me that the building usually stays open even when the stores are closed. Alas, that was not the case.

We instead went into the swanky international hotel next door (we benefit from white/western privilege here in that even when we’re wearing jeans, we can easily walk into a fancy hotel) where the kids had some (very tasty) ice cream.

Then we schlepped back to our town via taxi and went to the local American restaurant. The boys shared some spaghetti, Mr. Four had a burger, and I had chicken souvlaki. Just a typical fancy anniversary dinner!

Back at home we enjoyed a rousing game of Dora-themed Chutes and Ladders. Bug likes to spin the spinner and send his playing piece down the slides. Giggle likes counting and moving his piece along the board. Mr. Four doesn’t like it because it the game requires luck, not scheming and manipulation, his forte. I totally dominated but was a good winner about it except to Mr. Four who REALLY hates losing games. Heh heh.

We have two more days to make up for our disastrous outing today, and then we have another long weekend next weekend. Ramadan will end on Thursday or Friday, and we’re going with some friends to the Sinai Peninsula for Eid El Fitr, the feast that celebrates the end of the holy month. And celebrate we will: we all have Ramadan fatique, and by all, I mean the entire country. Or at least our household after experiences like today.


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