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Coming up: an interview with Mr. Four

The very clever Jen (who, like our friends C & R & Q & Z, has now been local friends with us in two parts of the state) suggested an interview with Mr. Four for the blog.

So, submit your questions for Mr. Four. And I’ll try to get him to answer them. And I’ll try to remember to tell him about this before he reads about it here.


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  1. Mr Four says “Too late”.

    Comment by egypt4 | 2 October 2007

  2. Hey, I’ve got some Q’s for Mr. 4. What is he doing over there with all that free time? Is he practicing back deck rolls on the den floor to stay in shape? Is he learning the fine art of Egyptian tile laying? Is he playing too many video games?

    Q has some Q’s for him too.

    Firstly, I want to tell you that I wish to be called Liberty’s Kid and nothing else (he’s my alias). Now to the questions. First, do you even have a video game system? Second, isn’t it dangerous to practice kayak rolls on the den floor? Third, if you do have a video game system, are you letting your kids play? Fourth, if you do have a video game system and you’re letting your kids play, is it a nintendo, sony, or xbox? Fifth, is it handheld or not? Sixth, Which games do you have? Seventh, do you have the guides to any of them? And eighth, are you going to let ME play? This is Liberty’s Kid, signing off.

    Comment by Charlie Morris | 2 December 2007

  3. Not much. No. No. Yes.

    Yes. Yes. No. None of the above. It’s the computer. Not many. No. Maybe.

    (as answered by Ms. Four)

    Comment by egypt4 | 10 December 2007

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