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The Weekend of Gracious Living

Many years back yonder, some friends and I had a weekend camping trip planned to the coast. A hurriance warning scared us off, and we ended up car camping at an empty field in the middle of an old farm owned by the grandfather of one of my friends. It was so comfortable compared to our usual outings that we started referring to it as The Weekend of Gracious Living.

That’s how our weekend felt. Earlier today, while still at the resort, I said to Mr. Four, “So, did you forget you lived in Cairo?” and he said yup. The both of us, for a little while, were so immersed in relaxation that we totally forgot about our regular lives.

The resort was fantastic, and, to our delight, very accommodating of kids. The lagoon-like pool with its multiple graded entries and large shallow areas was great fun for the boys. And the beach was perfect too, with a playground, lots of clean sand, and a shallow swimming area with lots of little fish to chase. Mr. Four and I sat on our comfortable beach and pool recliners and read novels while the boys dashed around, swam, and played.

And there were tons of other (mostly European) families there as well, so our kids weren’t the only ones running around and having fun, which meant we didn’t have to worry about them bothering anyone.

Another reason not to worry was the cost: the whole weekend, including transportation to and from Cairo in a taxi, food, and lodging, was about $350. (If that sounds like a lot, just wait til you see the photos of this place.)

The other day I mentioned that I feel like I’m a day ahead, not just six hours ahead, of the east coast. I still do: at 4pm today, we were back home and getting ready for our last evening before work and school resume tomorrow, while in the US, it was 10am and time to start the weekend. Very odd.

Anyway, I have more to say about our beach trip (with photos!), plus I’ll start answering your great questions soon, so hang tight and check back.


29 September 2007 - Posted by | fun, tourism


  1. I can’t wait to see the pics. Here’s an idea–how about an interview with Mr. Four for an upcoming entry? And thanks for posting so regularly; we love to keep up with you four.

    Comment by Jen | 1 October 2007

  2. An interview–great idea! Please submit questions.

    Comment by egypt4 | 1 October 2007

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