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In addition to being six-seven hours ahead of the East Coast (depending on daylight savings), it also feels like we’re a day ahead because of our Sunday-Thursday work week. So right now, as I’m about to start packing for a weekend trip, folks in the US are in the midst of a Wednesday, halfway through their work week.

It’s also really weird on Sunday morning when I get to work and realize, even at noon, that my friends and family back home are probably still sleeping on their day off.

So we’re going to a resort at the Red Sea this weekend, a place only about an hour and a half from Cairo, and we’re all excited. Giggle, as far as we know, has never seen the sea up close (though he’s flown over the Atlantic twice), and he talks about it constantly. The sea there is very shallow, so very kid friendly, and this place has a beautiful shallow/ramp entry pool (a colleague went last weekend and was raving about it). Plus the very reasonable rate includes breakfast and dinner buffets.

It’ll be great to get out of the city, which we’ve been half-planning to do for a few weeks. I’m glad we’re finally making it happen.

And the resort is very western-oriented. What does that mean? Alcohol! And shorts and skirts that don’t cover the knees! In fact, guests aren’t even allowed to cover up too much. One of their few rules goes as follows: “Only proper swim wear is allowed. No cut off jeans, pants, long costumes dresses & long swimming suits are allowed in the pool.” I suspect they added in the part about cut off jeans so it didn’t look like they were targeting Muslim women. Or maybe not.

We’re on a tight timeline tomorrow as I have an early afternoon meeting at work, and then I’ll dash home so we can leave and our taxi driver can back to Cairo for his family’s iftar. So I’m packing tonight and won’t have much time for blogging.

I probably won’t be checking in much and I won’t be posting any entries for a few days. In the meantime, please ask some questions (the first few are great and merit some thinking on my part).


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  1. We’re also thinking of doing some international NGO work in a few years (after the adoptions are complete), so I am very interested in your responses along these lines. ~lmc

    Comment by lisa | 27 September 2007

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