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Ho, ho, ho, Merry Ramadan!

How does one decorate for Ramadan? Why, with Christmas lights, of course!

And how do I know they’re Christmas lights? Because I saw some for sale today, and the boxes had some lovely pictures of Santa in the snow with his reindeer.

It’s been pretty easy to forget it’s Ramadan. Probably because I’m eating during the day. I do try to be discrete, but at work, my office walls are windows, and I don’t close all the shades each time I want a sip of water. Today an Egyptian came into my office to speak to me while I was eating a snack, so I put it out of sight. (Please note that “snack” here means rich and delicious German dark chocolate. Yum!)

Earlier in the week, I completely forgot. I bought a sandwich and drink and went outside and ate it. Then, after I finished, I realized how obnoxious that was, as I had been sitting in a busy area, surrounded by Egyptians.

The strangest part of Ramadan has been how empty the streets are at iftar, as I mentioned in a previous post. Last night, I worked a bit later than usual, to about 5:15, and the metro was empty. It was glorious. I had an actual seat!

The taxi drivers were so desperate for some fares. When I walked out of the metro station, there were several drivers waiting for passengers. They took one look at me, and ka-ching! LE signs in their eyes. (Doesn’t quite have the same ring as “dollar signs in their eyes,” does it?)

And how much do they get for driving me the few minutes to my house from the metro? A whopping 3 LE, which is about fifty cents. And keep in mind I’m paying the inflated foreigner rate!


20 September 2007 - Posted by | food, holidays

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